About Us

Welcome, welcome, welcome...

2 Coastie Veteran, tattooed, aging VGANG punks...and a teenager who could give a shit, but is super awesome!

Our mission is to spread as much PMA as we can in this crazy time the only way we know how...makin some shit!  All of our shirts (and assorted other art pieces) are printed here in our garage. Please be patient with us, as we are new to this, but we do strive to put out some quality, fun, and most importantly, original artwork! 

Because we’re a small shop, if there is a size that you dont’t us and we’ll make it happen. We also work for commission, so if you have any art ideas...let us know. 

Thanx for checking us out! 

“A neighborhood for punks over the hill.

We’ll spend our golden years in Mattersville.”

(Song by NoFx)